CERN Accelerating science

This programme aims to show what the laboratory offers to the arts and creativity from an interdisciplinary approach. A number of Guest Artists are invited every year, including the artists that were selected as Honorary Mentions in Collide International.


Leslie Thornton & James Richards

Belonging to two distinct artist generations and contexts, James Richards (UK) and Leslie Thornton (USA) developed their first collaborative project, 'Crossings', in 2016. 

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Mariele Neudecker

Born in 1965 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Mariele Neudecker lives and works in Bristol, UK. She uses a broad range of media including sculpture, installation, film and photography, and her practice investigates the formation and historical dissemination of cultural constructs around the natural world, focusing particularly on landscape representations within the Northern European Romantic tradition and today’s notions of the Sublime. 

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Kerstin Ergenzinger

Kerstin Ergenzinger is a German artist who works in the fields of installation, electronic arts/new media and drawing. Her works explore the sensory and conceptual relationships between the individual and its physical surroundings. 

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Julieta Aranda

Mexican-born Julieta Aranda is a conceptual artist that lives and works in Berlin and New York City. Aranda received a BFA in filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts (2001) and an MFA from Columbia University (2006), both in New York.

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Tomás Saraceno

Argentinian Tomás Saraceno is best known for his large-scale, interactive installations and floating sculptures, and for his interdisciplinary approach to art. His work explores new, sustainable ways of sensing and inhabiting the environment, the result of research into the origins of the observable universe, arachnology and the potential future for airborne dwelling

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