Guest Artists

A short exploratory stay to engage with CERN's research and community

Guest Artists is a short-stay of a maximum of a week for artists from all over the world to explore further ideas around art and physics.



Sigurður Guðjónsson is an Icelandic visual artist based in Reykjavík.


June Baltahazard and Pierre Pauze are two french artists and filmmakers.

June and Pierre

Born in 1978 in Hubei, China. Lives and works in Shanghai.

Liu Chuang

Tomás Saraceno is an Argentinian contemporary artist. His practice is informed by concepts linking art, life science, and the social sciences. Enmeshed in the junction of these worlds, his floating sculptures, community projects, and immersive installations propose sensory solidarity with the planet through a social, mental, and environmental ecology of practice. For more than a decade, he has been imagining a world free from carbon, extractivism, capitalism, patriarchy and fossil fuel - or what he calls CECPF- that inflames some forms of life.

Tomas Saraceno

Belonging to two distinct artist generations and contexts, James Richards (UK) and Leslie Thornton (USA) developed their first collaborative project, 'Crossings', in 2016. 

James Richards Leslie Thornton

Alfonso Borragán is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist.

Alfonso Borrragan

Arts at CERN has welcomed the two Spanish artists Antoni Muntadas and Alfonso Borragán , on 27-29 June 2016.

Antoni Muntadas

Dmitry Gelfand (b.1974, St. Petersburg, Russia) and Evelina Domnitch (b. 1972, Minsk, Belarus) create sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices. Current findings, particularly regarding wave phenomena, are employed by the artists to investigate questions of perception and perpetuity. Such investigations are salient because the scientific picture of the world, which serves as the basis for contemporary thought, still cannot encompass the unrecordable workings of consciousness.


Pascal Dusapin (1955) is a French composer born in France.

Pascal Dusapin (1955) is a French composer born in France. His music is marked by its microtonality, tension, and energy. His interests and passions are many, from morphogenesis to philosophy, from photography to architecture, to the theatre of Samuel Beckett, to Flaubert’s work, among others. Pascal Dusapin has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards, including the Cino del Duca prize in 2005 and the Dan David Price in 2007.

Pascal Dusapin

Otavio Schipper (Brazil) is an artist whose work dwelves with ready-made objects - antique telegraph machines, tuning forks, eyeglasses, elevarot cabins or electric poles - to connect past physical worlds with present mental lanscapes.


Michael Najjar is a German photographer based in Berlin.


Transdisciplinary artist from Santiago (CL). Currently based in Boston (US), as a PhD candidate and research assistant at MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future group, where she also earned a Master in Media Arts & Sciences (2017).

Nicole L'Huillier

Cecilia Vicuña is a poet, artist, filmmaker and activist from Chile based in New York

Cecilia Vicuna

Mika Rottenberg (born 1976) is a contemporary Argentine-Israeli video artist who lives and works in New York City. 

Mika Rottenberg

Born in 1965 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Mariele Neudecker lives and works in Bristol, UK. She uses a broad range of media including sculpture, installation, film and photography, and her practice investigates the formation and historical dissemination of cultural constructs around the natural world, focusing particularly on landscape representations within the Northern European Romantic tradition and today’s notions of the Sublime. 


Vladimir Tarasov (b. 1947) is an artist and musician born in Archangelsk, Russia.


Alan Bogana is a multidisciplinary artist based in Geneva, one of the winners of the Simetría residency programme.

Alan Bogana

Raqs Media Collective (New Delhi) is formed by Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Suddhabrata Sengupta.

Raqs Media Collective

Artists and researchers, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr are based in Perth, Australia.


Lochan Rijal, PhD, Head of Kathmandu University’s Department of Music, is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and ethnomusicologist from Nepal.

Lochan Rijal

Emily Allan and Leah Hennessey are playwrights, directors.


Samoa Rémy is a visual artist originally from Switzerland, living in Oslo for the last 20 years.

Samoa Remy

Mexican-born Julieta Aranda is a conceptual artist that lives and works in Berlin and New York City. Aranda received a BFA in filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts (2001) and an MFA from Columbia University (2006), both in New York.

Julieta Aranda

Kerstin Ergenzinger is a German artist who works in the fields of installation, electronic arts/new media and drawing. Her works explore the sensory and conceptual relationships between the individual and its physical surroundings.