• Johanna Bruckner

    The Swiss artist selected for the Connect residency will extend her artistic research into the interactions between human and non-human entities in a techno-scientific world in dialogue with CERN scientists


    Johanna Bruckner, Metabolic Hardware, 2023, 7-channel-video installation, HEK (Haus der Elektronischen Künste) «Pe Lang, Johanna Bruckner, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Schweizer Medienkunst - Pax Art Awards 2022. Photo: Nicolas Gysin.
  • Connect India

    Swiss artist Elisa Storelli and Indian artist Rohini Devasher have started their residency at the International Centre for Theoretical Studies

    Rohini Devasher (left); Elisa Storelli (right)
  • Yet, it moves!

    Arts at CERN collaborates with Copenhagen Contemporary’s Yet, it moves!, which features work by artists in residence

    Jakob Kudsk Steensen Tongues of Verglas, Les Langues de Verglas (2022) Installation view courtesy of the artist
  • Semiconductor

    Their solo exhibition Spectral Constellations features three works from their residency at CERN

    Semiconductor, Earthworks, 2016. Installation view at the European Art Forum of the District Council of Upper Bavaria, 2023. Photo: Joe Gerhardt. Courtesy the artists.
  • Kamil Hassim

    Event Horizon is the result of Kamil's residency at CERN, SAAO Astronomy, and SARAO and his artistic research into fundamental physics, modern African astronomy, and ancient indigenous cosmologies

    Kamil Hassim, Event Horizon, 2023. Photo courtesy of the artist.
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