Collide Pro Helvetia

Residency opportunity for Swiss artists

Collide Pro Helvetia is a fully-funded residency in the laboratory aimed at Swiss artists to carry out artistic research in the field of art, science, and technology inspired by the world of particle physics in dialogue with CERN's scientists. Collide Geneva and Collide Pro Helvetia interchange yearly. 


Laura Couto Rosado is a Swiss artist and designer who received the Grand Prix Award at Design Parade 2014 in France. Her artistic inspiration comes from technologies and their abilities to create a piece of art.


Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller are an artistic duo based in Zurich, Switzerland. 


The winner of the Collide Pro Helvetia Award 2015 was the collective, formed by (from left to right) Simon de Diesbach, Laura Perrenoud, and Marc Dubois. They're a Swiss-based interaction design studio who creates innovative projects, interactive installations, video and game design.

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