CERN Accelerating science

If you're an artist who's never spent time in a science laboratory before, this one-month residency award might help you acquire that unique experience. Every year, public and private organizations fund the participation of a different artistic domain in the Accelate Award. The winners receive a stipend, and a budget covers their accommodation, subsistence and travel costs.


Cheolwon Chang

South Korean artist born in 1984, lives and works in Seoul.

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Tomo Savić Gecan

Croatian artist Tomo Savić-Gecan almost as a rule exhibits 'nothing'. Conceived in the manner of tabula rasa, his projects function as empty sites filled with various charges, concealed tensions, references and interlinkings.

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Aisha Juma

Aisha Juma (UAE) is passionate about influencing change in the artistic and cultural international community of UAE while maintaining the unique cultural national identity of its people.

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Wenchi Su and Pei-Ying Lin

The winners of Accelerate Taiwan are the digital artist Pei-Ying Lin and the dancer and choreographer Wenchi Su. 

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Nadezda Suvorova and Mario von Rickenbach

The winners of ACCELERATE Switzerland are the interactive designer Nadezda Suvorova and the the game-designer Mario von Rickenbach.

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Julijonas Urbonas

Julijonas Urbonas is a Lithuanian artist, designer, researcher, engineer, Vice-Rector for Art and Associate Professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts, and PhD student in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.

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Nikos Papadopoulos

The winner of ACCELERATE Greece 2014 was the artist Nikos Papadopoulos.

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Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger

“Scientific insights have always been part of what influenced us as architects and designers, not only in terms of a technological aid, but as a cultural agent and catalyst for new spatial solutions,” said the two Austrian winners.

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