Anne Sylvie Henchoz & Julie Lang

Collide Geneva 2018

Anne Sylvie Henchoz completed a Master of Contemporary Art Practices at HEAD, Geneva, in 2012. With a polymorphic practice that includes action, construction and narrative. She stages situations conceived as ceremonies, inventing a vocabulary that is at once poetic, physical and choreographic, in order to speak about a possible relation between people. Creating sensual, focal and expansive encounters, she looks at her practice through a prism of language, embodying 'film-like spaces', expanded cinema, performance and editions. Most influential references come from postmodern dance, life’s experiences, gender and cultural studies, and biographies. Work draws upon a plasticity of interactions, close to the ‘Poetics of relation’ of Edouard Glissant. Treasuring idea of ‘fluid identity’, in order to question commonplace ideas about identity, projects are shaped by the desire to experience profound states of reality with others.  

Julie Lang. After completing a Master’s degree in Art History and Sociology at the University of Lausanne, Lang is currently a researcher in the intersections of these two fields. Her current focus is the art world of the seventies, more precisely around the concept of information and cybernetics in relation  to the new aesthetics and exhibition forms. Added to this, her experience as a curator and collaborator on artistic projects have contributed into forming her thoughts. This allows her to develop a personal approach about creating experimental platforms to question the idea of knowledge production. She was the president of the space Le Cabanon during 2016-2017, she has collaborated with l’OV -- in CAN and with the MUDAC (Musée de Design et d'Arts Appliqués Contemporains, Lausanne). She has co-produced the experimental opera of Guillaume Pilet “The Dramaticon” presented in May 2018 at Arsenic Lausanne.

Both in collaboration are currently developing the project 'Space Time Energy'. In this joint project they intend to explore experimental formats to interpret fundamental research. By reappropiating some of the words and concepts of science in order to transform their original meaning in favour of artistic and polymorphic forms (partitions, images, graphics, collage, sound). During their residency they immerse themselves into the deep meaning of some key scientific notions with the aim to transform them into human energy, human movement and thoughts.

Current collaborators at CERN are Sara Anne Arezt (S'Cool Lab, CERN), Ana Barbara Rodrigues Cavalcante (EPFL), Francesca Giovacchini (AMS-02 Experiment), Claire Lee (ATLAS), Antonella del Rosso (ECO-CERN) and Tamara Vazquez Schroeder (ATLAS).