Julius von Bismarck's artwork

In conversation: Julius von Bismarck and Tamara Vázquez Schröder

07 Nov 2022

The event Exploration into the Unknowns will see artist Julius von Bismarck in conversation with CERN physicist Tamara Vázquez Schröder and Head of Arts at CERN Mónica Bello

17 November 2022 | 6.30 PM | MASI Lugano, Switzerland

As part of MASI Lugano and the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research’s series La Scienza a regola d’Arte, the event Exploration into the Unknowns will see artist Julius von Bismarck and CERN physicist Tamara Vázquez Schröder, moderated by Head of Arts at CERN Mónica Bello. From their different experiences and roles, the guests will discuss the unknowns and mysteries of nature that remain unresolved and how the crossed perspectives between art and science can shed light on the unknown.

In 2012, Julius von Bismarck was the first artist in residence at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, which marked the beginning of the activities of Arts at CERN, the arts programme of the Laboratory. In his practice, von Bismarck shifts effortlessly between science and invention, often intertwining references to literature, history, cinema and philosophy. Tamara Vázquez Schröder is an experimental particle physicist. Since 2010, she has worked at the ATLAS experiment and regularly participates in Arts at CERN’s programmes as a key voice in the CERN community that fosters dialogues between art and physics. Mónica Bello is Curator and Head of Arts at CERN, where she leads and designs the art programs: the artistic residencies, the art commissions, and the exhibitions.

Julius von Bismarck and Tamara Vázquez Schröder participated in the Arts at CERN Podcast, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the programme by bringing together artists and physicists who met at the Laboratory to shed light on some of the themes that inspire their scientific research and artistic practices. The episode on Extra Dimensions kicked off the podcast series with Julius von Bismarck and experimental physicist Michael Doser. They discuss the experience of artists at CERN, how physicists peer into the nature of reality and Julius’ upcoming commission for CERN’s Science Gateway, which is inspired by the possibility of a four-dimensional space. In the last episode of the series on Broken Symmetries, choreographer SU Wen-Chi and Tamara Vázquez Schröder speak about the role of symmetries in fundamental physics and performance art, the process of creating new artworks by SU Wen-Chi after her residency at CERN, and how broken symmetries can explain the natural world.

If you would like to attend the event, please register for free at MASI Lugano’s website.