Small Survey on Nothingness

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Christoph Keller

German artist Christoph Keller visited CERN, filming and interviewing four of CERN's Scientist about the void.

C. Keller is an artist from Berlin working in the field of art and science. In 2011 he made the exhibition Aether - De la Conscience à la Cosmologie in the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He is now working on a a new project on the notion of the void. The outcome, a documentary named Small Survey on Nothingness, appeared at Schering Stiftung on September 2014, and is showcased in artgenève 2015.

During his visit, he interviewed CERN cosmologist Subodh Patil and Diego Blas; experimenalist physicist Tara Shears, working on The LHCb; and theorist Luis Alvarez Gaume, who works on the quantum properties of Black Holes, their production rates, nucleation rates both in gravitational systems and also at colliders. These filmings took place in various sites at CERN, Meyrin.

"Nothing is the potential for everything in physics. It isn't an absence. It is full of activity." said CERN physicist Tara Sheers in her interview with Christoph Keller.

In his visit, he also had the chance to see The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) a study for a future electron-positron collider that would allow physicists to explore a new energy region in the multi TeV range beyond the capabilities of today's particle accelerators.

Christoph Keller (right) interviewing CERN Theorist Luis Alvarez Gaume.

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