The Sensualization of the Inaccessible

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Eno Henze

A LED wall that autonomously produces discharges that could be identified as traces in a particle detector. The Russian physicist and Nobel prize winner Pawel Cerenkov could have conceived such a device for registering the radiation he discovered, and which is used for detecting photon emissions from particle collisions since then.

The image generation process that the artist employs for creating the exhibited fotograms is only conceptually scientific, but de facto it is absurd. It tries to deliver proof for something that is of an imagined origin, that resides in a realm beyond scientific rationale and deduction.

For  the generative artist, Eno Henze, the computer or a machine are necessary collaborators in his creative process. Eno Henze was awarded an Honorary Mention in the first Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Digital Arts prize. See also News.


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