Nahum Mantra

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At the intersection of the arts and science, Nahum's work revolve around topics in science and the intimacy of nature, while addressing their relationship to the fantastical and magical realms. 

Nahum is a founding member of the musical ensembles: “Goldsmiths Electronic Orchestra” and “Orchestra Elastique”. Since 2007, he has performed and exhibited his artistic work in UK venues including: the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Southbank Centre, Battersea Arts Centre and The Place in London; The Basement in Brighton, and Laboratorio Arte Alameda and the Fonoteca Nacional in Mexico City.

 He is an associate artist at The Arts Catalyst, and has organized KOSMICA festival, an international series of galactic gatherings about outer space, arts and culture. He is the coordinator of the Technical Committee for the Cultural Utilizations of Space inside the International Astronautical Federation in Paris. Nahum has also been appointed one of the curators of the digital arts biennial TransitioMx in Mexico City, and was recently recognized as one of Young Space Leaders by the International Astronautica Federation for his contributions to outer space activities.

Currently he is the co-director of the first space mission in zero gravity by Mexican artists in collaboration with the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Russia.

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