Francesco Mariotti

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Francesco has lived and studied in Switzerland, France, Germany and South America. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, he focused on the complex relations between art, nature and technology. After a long stay in Latin America in the 1970s, he experimented with the possible interactions between electronic and IT devices and the creation of multi-sensorial installations and works.

Francesco has participated in major international exhibitions, from Documenta in Kassel, 1968 to the Biennales in Sâo Paulo, 1969 and Medellin, 1979 as well as Expo in Osaka, 1991. He has carried out in-depth research on video installations and video art, becoming one of the organisers of the Video Art Festival in Locarno which was planned by his friend Rinaldo Bianda. In 2005, together with the biologist Stefan Ineichen, he organised the first Festival of Fireflies in Zurich. This experience led to the development of the project 'Immigration' for the Park of Living Art in Turin and for the Symposion Lindabrunn near Vienna.

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