Anaïs Tondeur

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Anaïs Tondeur

“Anais Tondeur is an artist who delights in expeditions. Whether tracing the nascent wildlife burgeoning in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear plant ( CHERNOBYL HERBARIUM, 2011)  or following the migration of a graphite pencil from its geological origins to its unlikely terminus in the bladder of a seventeen year old girl (I.55, 2013), her journeys conjure an intriguing narrative that is in turn poetic, poignant, and scientifically compelling. Her installations have delved into history, geography, and an array of scientific disciplines (physics, geology, oceanography), but at the heart of each there is a captivating story that engages the most human of emotional responses". Ruth Garde, Apollo magazine

Her visual art practice is led by a quest for interdisciplinarity. Thus, she engages with researchers from other disciplines. She has actually been commissioned to work as an artist in residence with the scientists, anthropologists and designers at Laboratoire des cultures durables co-curated by COAL at Chamarande, France. She is also developing a project around the evolution of your perception of the moon through history at the French Space Observatory (CNES, Paris).

She was in residence at National Natural History Museum as well as Pierre and Marie Institute as part of COP21 cultural program “Demain, le Climat” (Sorbonne University, Paris, 2015), as well as in the hydrodynamics laboratories of Ecole Polytechnique (Ladhyx, FR, 2013-15) and Cambridge (DAMTP, UK, 2014).

Anaïs Tondeur graduated from a Master in Mixed-Media at Royal College of Art (London, 2010) after completing a Bachelor (Hons) at Central Saint Martin’s School (London, 2008). Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions in Paris and London and group exhibitions shown in Europe and the States. GV Art gallery, London represents Anaïs Tondeur. She received Ars Electronica Honorary mention for @ArtScience ESO 2015.





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