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20 Sep 2018
CERN Courier

Creativity across cultures

24 May 2018
The Guardian

The Wave Epoch, a new artwork by Haroon Mirza & Jack Jelfs after their time at CERN

An article by Tara Joshi on the occassion of the launch of the new art commission at Lighthouse, Brighton.

27 Mar 2018 to 30 Jun 2018
The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper on the 4th Audemars Piguet Art Commission

22 Mar 2018 to 31 May 2018

Arts At CERN Announces Its 2018 Artist In Residency Awards

12 Sep 2017
The New York Times Style Magazine

Are Artists the New Interpreters of Scientific Innovation?

12 Sep 2017

CERN isn't just colliding particles. It's welcoming artists

CERN scientists want artists to shed new light on the Universe's biggest questions

16 Apr 2017

Arts & Culture: Artist in Physicist’s Clothing

South Korean artist Yunchul Kim—winner of CERN’s COLLIDE International Award 2016—makes art through a process that physicists can relate to.

16 May 2016

CERN Seeks International Artists For Full-Time Residency

The European Center for Nuclear Research is calling for art submissions for its annual award

Geneva, 16 October 2018

Geneva, 16 October 2018.

2 January 2017

Geneva, 6 April 2017. Arts at CERN is delighted to announce the winners of the four artist residency awards for 2017: the studio hrm199 led by artist Haroon Mirza, Laura Couto Rosado, Cheolwon Chang and Tomo Savić-Gecan.