Julius von Bismarck

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Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN 2012

Julius von Bismarck was awarded with the first COLLIDE Award in December 2011 for the quality of his ideas and his ability to make playful creative collisions between the arts and science.



CERN Press Realease

Julius von Bismarc

The Creators Project Creatively Disrupting Business as Usual at CERN

COLLIDE Presentation at CERN Globe of Science and Innovation Video - Photos 


Versuch unter Kreisen by Julius von Bismarck (2012) was presented at the end of his CERN residency at the Ars Electronica Festival 2012, and is now toured the world along with "Quantum" the contemporary dance piece by Gilles Jobin, the first Collide@CERN Geneva artist in residency.


The lights turn in their separate orbits out of synch, driven by real data, but on the 78th turn strangely come into synch together for one complete circle. The piece has been also exhibited in Berlin and Taiwan at the Fine Arts Museum. In an unexpected creative collision from the residency programme, the first Collide@CERN Geneva artist Gilles Jobin asked Julius at his final lecture of his residency if Versuch unter Kreisen could become the installation for his new choreography developed at CERN. Julius said yes, and as a consequence the installation is Julius's first art work ever used in a dance piece. Together with Gilles Jobin, they entered the Hermes New Settings Award in 2012 for dancers and visual artists - and won it. As a result the dance piece, called Quantum, with the light installation toured the world during the following three years. An unusual and little known fact is that Versuch unter Kreisen was actually created by Julius with dancing in mind. He said he had always wanted dancing to happen under the lights, so it was pure serendipity when Gilles approached him.



Versuch unter Kreisen by Julius von Bismarck (2012) at Ars Electronica Festival



COLLIDE Artist, Julius von Bismarck (left), Professor Rolf -Dieter Heuer, Former CERN Director General. Photo by Maximilien Brice





"Whipping" Athens - Onassis Cultural Centre - April 30th 2014


Invisibility - and its role as a driver in both the arts and science was discussed by the first Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist in residency 2012, Julius Von Bismarck, and his CERN Scientific Partner, James Wells who is an expert in hidden worlds. Moderated by Collide@CERN creator, Ariane Koek, the audience in Athens got very engaged with the talk, which went on for two hours.

During the Q&A session, a member of the audience gave his opinion about one of Julius's art pieces called "Punishment", in a very unusual and lively way!

Watch the full lecture here

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