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27 Sep 2018

In the performance lecture 'Touching the Invisible – A sparkling quantum plasticine' the duo will explore the understanding and mutual fascination of quantum phenomena.

'Touching the Invisible, a sparkling quantum plasticine'

Laura Couto Rosado is a product and media designer based in Geneva. She has strong skills in design research and R&D design products while also being a teaching assistant in the Master Media Design department at the HEAD-Geneva. Couto Rosado is passionate about creating a strong symbiosis between design, science, and technology. Inspired by fundamental and applied physics, she designs hybrid devices that reveal beauty and poetry where one does not expect it. She won the Collide Pro Helvetia Residency Award in the program Art at CERN in 2017 and currently collaborates with the physicist Jeremi Niedziela on various design projects.

Jeremi Niedziela is a researcher working on the fundamental problems of the model physics. For last 6 years he has been working in ALICE and then CMS collaborations, two of the four big experiments on the Large Hadron Collider. His PhD was focused on the interactions between ordinary matter and antimatter, a phenomenon the has not been well understood so far.

Both Laura and Jeremi have been working together in collaboration since 2017. At  Retune Festival  -a biennial event at the intersection of art, design, and technology - Jeremi Niedziela, physicist at CERN, tells the story of elementary particles and high energy physics, while the media designer Laura Couto Rosado is following him and expressing the intangible quantum world with unique visuals.

Laura Couto Rosado's residency at CERN