Connect South Africa

Open Call for Applications


26 May 2021

Connect South Africa consists of a fully-funded residency that offers support to one Swiss artist and one artist from Southern, East or West Africa.1 The two selected artists will participate in a dual residency at CERN, in Geneva, and in the array of astronomy observatories in South Africa - in connection with the South African Radio Astronomy (SARAO), and the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO).

Connect South Africa by Arts at CERN in collaboration with Pro Helvetia Jonannesburg supported by the Swiss Arts Countil Pro Helvetia in context of its initiative Art, Science and Tecnology. Connect South Africa is part of Connect, a collaboration framework between CERN and Pro Helvetia for the period of 2021-2024.

1The full list of eligible countries is on the terms and conditions of the call.


For further information about the criteria and conditions of the call, the residency, and the expectations of the artist, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the call in the link below.

Swiss artists can apply in the link below (please scroll down, APPLY HERE)

Artists from Southern, East or West Africa apply via Pro Helvetia Johannesburg.

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