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30 Sep 2014

50’000 miles! (80’000km)!!!!

Visualize it checking out the QUANTUM WORLD TOUR mapamundi!


-Première 23 september 2013 Théâtre Forum Meyrin Geneva @ CMS Experiment-Cessy France

QUANTUM world tour is part of events celebrating the 60th anniversary of CERN in 2014

////////////////NEXT DATES:


2-3-4th october QUANTUM @ BAM/New York Next Wave Festival + Crossing The Lines Festival – New Settings Fondation Entreprise Hermes/USA

12-13th october QUANTUM @ ODC/San Francisco / USA + lecture about Cern residency with Cern physicist Nicolas Chanon. With the support of Swissnex San Francisco

16-17-18th october QUANTUM @ TDC/Vancouver / CANADA


21 october QUANTUM @ Festival Danzalborde/Matucana Theatre/Santiago de Chile/ CHILE

23 october QUANTUM @ Festival Danzalborde/Valparaiso/ CHILE

26 october QUANTUM @ Bienal do Dança Do Ceara/Fortaleza/BRAZIL

29-30 october QUANTUM @ Festival Internacional Dança Belo Horizonte-FID/ BRAZIL + conference CERN physicist with the support of Swissnex Brazil

2 november QUANTUM @ Panorama Festival Rio de Janeiro/ BRAZIL + conference CERN physicist + Masterclass avec le soutien de Swissnex Brazil


6-7-8-9th november QUANTUM @ ARSENIC/Lausanne SWITZERLAND

12-13-14th november A+B=X @ ARSENIC/Lausanne SWITZERLAND (1997 creation rebuilt)


21-22 november QUANTUM @ FAEL Lima/PERU


27th February QUANTUM @ Mercat de La Flores / IDN Festival/Barcelona/SPAIN

QUANTUM World Tour 2013-2014 – Cie Gilles Jobin-HD
27 Sep 2014

Nice QUANTUM photo @ CMS/CERN, where it all started! In Le Temps week end’s paper edition. To illustrate fab interview of  CERN DG, the mighty Dr Rolf Heuer.


21 Sep 2014


The piece will visit many countries and stay tuned for complementary programs of conferences and talks with Gilles Jobin and scientists. Meet Julius Von BIsmarck, Carla Scaletti and Giles Jobin at BAM in New York for the US première of QUANTUM. Gilles Jobin, CERN phycist Nicolas Chanon and visual artist Julius Von Bismarck will meet the audience in San Francisco. In Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte Brazilian phycicist from CERN, Claudio Lenz Cesar will have public interactions with Gilles Jobin. Stay tuned via Join our newsletter or follow the company on facebook. You can also get more info through >Gilles Jobin’s blog gillescollides

QUANTUM – Teaser from Cie Gilles Jobin on Vimeo.


-Première 23 september 2013 Théâtre Forum Meyrin Geneva @ CMS Experiment-Cessy France

QUANTUM world tour is part of events celebrating the 60th anniversary of CERN in 2014



2-3-4th october QUANTUM @ BAM/New York Next Wave Festival + Crossing The Lines Festival – New Settings Fondation Entreprise Hermes/USA

12-13th october QUANTUM @ ODC/San Francisco / USA + lecture about Cern residency with Cern physicist Nicolas Chanon. With the support of Swissnex San Francisco

16-17-18th october QUANTUM @ TDC/Vancouver / CANADA


21 october QUANTUM @ Festival Danzalborde/Matucana Theatre/Santiago de Chile/ CHILE

23 october QUANTUM @ Festival Danzalborde/Valparaiso/ CHILE

26 october QUANTUM @ Bienal do Dança Do Ceara/Fortaleza/BRAZIL

29-30 october QUANTUM @ Festival Internacional Dança Belo Horizonte-FID/ BRAZIL + conference CERN physicist with the support of Swissnex Brazil

2 november QUANTUM @ Panorama Festival Rio de Janeiro/ BRAZIL + conference CERN physicist + Masterclass avec le soutien de Swissnex Brazil


6-7-8-9th november QUANTUM @ ARSENIC/Lausanne SWITZERLAND

12-13-14th november A+B=X @ ARSENIC/Lausanne SWITZERLAND (1997 creation rebuilt)


21-22 november QUANTUM @ FAEL Lima/PERU


27th February QUANTUM @ Mercat de La Flores / IDN Festival/Barcelona/SPAIN

November QUANTUM @ Saarbrucken/GERMANY

11 Sep 2014

For the first time the Cie Gilles Jobin will visit the North American continent in october 2014. An american première in New York, followed by San Francisco and Vancouver before “going down” to South America, Chile and Brazil. You can now book your places for one of the performances of QUANTUM. And stay tuned for lecture and conference in San Francisco with Cern physicists and visual artist Julius Von Bismarck! Here for more TOUR DATES.

                                    NORTH AMERICA
2-3-4th october         QUANTUM @ BAM/New York Next Wave Festival + Crossing The Lines Festival – New Settings Fondation Entreprise Hermes/USA
12-13th october        QUANTUM @ ODC/San Francisco / USA + lecture about Cern residency with Cern physicist Nicolas Chanon. With the support of Swissnex San Francisco
16-17-18th october  QUANTUM @ TDC/Vancouver / CANADA

QUANTUM world tour is part of events celebrating the 60th anniversary of CERN in 2014

17 Aug 2014


The year 2014 holds a particular significance for CERN : on 29 September it will be exactly 60 years since the Organization was founded.  CERN was established after the Second World War by a handful of Europe’s leading scientists who saw an opportunity to construct an international laboratory for fundamental research that would bring nations together through science.

QUANTUM  is one of the events offered for everyone in Switzerland and CERN’S Members States to celebrate the 60 years of CERN and provide a great opportunity for exchanges between the scientific community and the general public.

QUANTUM, created on the site of the CMS  Experiment in september 2013 a part of Cern Open days and in collaboration with Forum Meyrin is now embarking on a world tour in 2014. After France, Uruguay and Brazil in May, Chile, Peru, United-States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil in October and November, QUANTUM will return to Switzerland at the Arsenic theatre in Lausanne in november before going to Peru. BAM/New York 2-3-4 October, San Francisco ODC/Swissnex 12-13 October, Vancouver Dance Centre 16-17-18 October, Arsenic Lausanne 6-7-8-9 Novembre. All dates

More about the CERN60 celebrations

29 Jun 2014

Panel discussion by Gilles Jobin and Michael Doser, antimatter scientist at CERN and scientific advisor on Gilles Jobin’s last creation QUANTUM

Onassis Cultural Center in Athens (Greece) Tuesday 10th of June
in the frame of the cycle Art and Science : CERN at the OCC curated by Ariane Koek, director of the program Collide@CERN

Watch the REPLAY here!!!


21 Dec 2013

QUANTUM will be performed in  ANNECY  Tuesday, January 14 at 20h30  at Theater Bonlieu Scène nationale / Haras( 45 minutes from CERN by car).

The show will be followed by a talk with Gilles and CERN physicists Michael Doser and Nicolas Chanon around the creative process of QUANTUM.
QUANTUM is also a collaboration with fellow resident Julius von Bismarck, and his fabulous installation is producing all of the light to the piece! And las but not least, Carla Scaletti’s musical score is made or of some of LHC real data…  The performance in Annecy will be the theatrical version quite  different from the CMS version we did at the open days! Come and see!


13 Dec 2013

Gilles Jobin premiered QUANTUM, a new piece for six dancers inspired by his Collide@CERN-Geneva residency at CERN in the CMS Experiment building from September 23rd to 29th as part of the program of Théatre Forum Meyrin.

This piece involves collaborative work with German artist Julius von Bismarck, Ars Electronica Prize Collide@CERN 2012 and also former resident in that institution. Julius von Bismarck will indeed adapt his lumino-kinetic installation Versuch Unter Kreisen for the needs of this creation. Thanks to this collaboration, QUANTUM is supported by Fondation d’entreprise Hermès in the frame of their New Settings programme for the performing arts.

The original music has been composed by Carla Scaletti and will incorporate real data from the LHC. The costumes have been created by Belgian fashion designer and visual artist Jean-Paul Lespagnard.

Choreography Gilles Jobin
Dance Catarina Barbosa, Ruth Childs, Susana Panadés Díaz, Stanislas Charre, Martin Roehrich, Denis Terrasse
Lumino-kinetic installation Julius von Bismarck
Engineer Martin Schied
Music Carla Scaletti
Costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Costumes assistant Léa Capisano
Scientific advisors Michael Doser, Nicolas Chanon (CERN physicists)

Production Cie Gilles Jobin – Geneva
With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès / New Settings program, Loterie Romande, Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation Ernst Göhner
In collaboration with Collide@CERN, Théâtre Forum Meyrin, CMS Experiment

Gilles Jobin and Julius von Bismarck have both been awarded Collide@CERN 2012 prizes
QUANTUM is developed out of the Collide@CERN artists residencies
Julius von Bismarck’s installation Versus unter Kreisen has been developed out of the Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist residency and was exhibited for the first time at Festival Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, in September 2012

Cie Gilles Jobin is supported by the City of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council Gilles Jobin is associated artist at Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy, France

13 Nov 2013

Des lampes et des danseurs en révolution permanente

LE MONDE | 07.11.2013 | Par Rosita Boisseau

Avant même que le spectacle Quantum, cosigné par le plasticien Julius von Bismarck et le chorégraphe Gilles Jobin, ne débute, les quatre lampes industrielles planant sur le plateau du Théâtre de la Cité internationale, à Paris , commencent doucement à tourner sur elles-mêmes. Leur rotation va s’emballer , plus vite, plus loin, plus fort, jusqu’à ce qu’elles semblent tout bonnement prises de folie, comme vivant d’une vie propre et livrées à elles-mêmes.

Cette chorégraphie d’objets, qui par ailleurs servent aussi à éclairer la scène, joue au ping-pong avec celle de six danseurs. Les deux s’imbriquent de façon organique pour ne faire qu’une seule bulle de mouvements qui se réverbèrent les uns les autres. Inspiré par la physique des particules et né lors d’une longue résidence de travail dans le fameux laboratoire de physique du CERN, à Genève, Quantum ouvrait, lundi 4 novembre, l’opération « New Settings », qui se déroule jusqu’au 17 novembre, sous la houlette de la Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.

Cinq spectacles sont à l’affiche. Tous imbriquent la pratique plastique et chorégraphique. Créé au festival Montpellier Danse, en juin, Qu’est-ce qui nous arrive ? ! ?, de Mathilde Monnier et du dessinateur François Olislaeger, épatant coup de griffe graphique opéré par Olislaeger sur quinze danseurs amateurs, donne une profondeur élastique au plateau et aux corps. Il invente un concept de bande dessinée en direct et en trois dimensions, qui joue à l’accordéon entre trait et chair.


L’exception de ce programme s’intitule Systema Occam, pièce pour cinq interprètes que signe seul le plasticien Xavier Veilhan. Autour d’une œuvre pour harpe de la compositrice contemporaine Eliane Radigue, Veilhan a troqué son geste monumental contre celui d’un Petit Poucet artisanal. Dans la pénombre, il égrène une série d’actions modestes – allumer des bougies, marcher en portant une sculpture sur la tête, jouer avec des cubes en tapant sur le plateau – pendant qu’un rameur actionne l’allumage de mini-tubes de néon blanc. Un rituel spectral entre amis qui ne manque pas de charme même s’il flirte avec la private joke.

En passant de la coquille Systema Occam à la constellation Quantum, on change d’échelle et de luminosité. Les perspectives ouvertes par la physique des particules à Gilles Jobin ont donné une texture nouvelle à sa danse. Serrée mais flexible, légère mais consistante, elle propulse un flux sans cesse redistribué dans un feuilleté de formes en mouvement permanent. Sur une musique épatante de Carla Scaletti, les circonvolutions se font douces et fascinantes.


13 Nov 2013

web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3774 web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3784 web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3807 web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3820 web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3826 web72_quantum_paris_photo_Gregory_Batardon__50A3911QUANTUM in Paris

QUANTUM, the piece created at Cern-CMS is now on tour. The piece has been adapted for frontal theatre vision. Julius Von Bismarck light installation as proven to be fabulous in total darkness of the stage. Carla Scaletti’s music has expressed all of its details with a great multi speaker diffusion. Jean-Paul Leapgnard’s original costumes have finally arrived. Here some photos of the piece for you to enjoy… Next date: Bonlieu Scène Nationale in ANNECY 14th of January 2014

03 Oct 2013

DSC_3422 DSC_3409 DSC_3399 DSC_3386 DSC_3371 DSC_3360 DSC_3358 DSC_3352 DSC_3333 DSC_3326 DSC_3307QUANTUM @ CERN OPEN DAYS   CMS-POINT5-CESSY

Photos by Gilles Jobin

17 Jun 2013

I will hopefully restart writing on my blog as we are starting the rehersals of the new piece I will make for CERN open days and Théâtre Forum Meyrin in end of september. Stay tune for more info.

Seating will be limited, so if you want to make sure you have access, book through Forum Meyrin Theater:


17 Feb 2013

404807_4791095767887_1102986503_nLecture about the Cern Residency at Swiss Dance Days in Basel

With Ariane Koek and Gilles Jobin

30 Nov 2012

Here at CMS, searching for the ideal space to performr next year…. Maybe we have found it…

ImageOUr tech director Marie PredourThe CMS nearly perfect space!Looking proud!


14 Nov 2012

Gilles Jobin’s residency at CERN as part of the Collide@CERN program is now finished. Please find here a sample of press articles commenting on this unique experience bringing together art and science.

- Nature, Wednesday 3 October 2012

- The Huffington Post, Tuesday 17 July 2012

- The Guardian, Monday 16 July 2012

- Gilles Jobin’s final lecture at the Globe of Science and Innovation

13 Nov 2012

Now that it all begins…

I write here some notes on my time in Cern. Not everything is there but some more details ideas…

 When I first arrived at Cern, I was captivated by the place and overwhelmed by the hugeness of the subject: Partical physics… And I had some serious catch up to do… Impressed by the two introduction days in which I had the opportunity to meet many different scientists, Ariane Koeck told me “not to panic” and “to spend my first month following my instinct and not my head…”.

I followed her advice and started to grab some of the science that was being dealt with at Cern. I did not try to understand, but to get a “general feel” of what was around, it was better.


I found out about the 4 fundamental forces and the fact that gravity was the weakest of all the forces. For a contemporary dancer formed basically around the question of gravity and “groundness” that came as a total shock! I was not a “pile of stuff”, but particles bound together by the strong force and “floating” on the surface of the earth… Me, the earth, you readers, the LHC flying at incredible speed through space, without any of us, (including the physicists!) noticing anything…  Stardust flying into space… I was baffled…


I started to realize that to understand the mechanic of our world you need so much objectivity… For an artist working practically exclusively on subjectivity, that was something! I learned that in art one can also apply that a principle must be coherent for itself, independently from the position of the observer… I started to understand how remarkable is the notion of a void full of energy and mysterious potential particles. I understoodd that elements of matter are bond by “non contact forces” and that if all the void was to be taken out of my body, I would become as 73kg grain of rice…

Many of the concepts I was about to discover during my residency would have a deep philosophical impact on the way I was considering the movement of a body in space…

Deconstruct and Scale

Deconstruct and Scale”… It was the title of the talk that senior Cern theoretical physicists Luis Alvarez Gaume gave me during my introduction days. This mantra pursued me through my residency still is, and it seems to have given me one of the essential key to enter the world of physics: Look at things for what they are and at the scale in which they are.

Deconstruct and scale, it is what I do as a choreographer, I deconstruct (movement) and scale it… in size, in time, in space…  Luis told me that if we were to be able to see everything on every scale at every moment, we would become crazy!… Even a car engineer drives the car he has conceived himself in the same way that a choreographer would drive it, he can not visualize the combustion process he conceived as he drives!  He is in the scale of the driving.

At the time, I thought I had it and was feeling pretty confident about what was coming next… I spent some time inside my Cern office reading vulgarisation books ranging, from a great comic book on physicist’s Feynman’s life to Lawrence Kraus’s “A Universe from nothing – why there is something rather than nothing”…


But I needed to get real, go out and grab the space around me. Being a theorist and an experimentalist, I am a choreographer after all, I realized I had to get my body in motion and bring some physicality into physics… Time for some action…

IP days

When I did not know what to do, when I was lost in translation, I would go and meet my Inspirational Partner Joao Pequenao!

On the day of that photo we had a very interesting and stimulating discussion about magnetic fields that got me started on some practical experiments…

We are now into ideas  involving motion capture with Kynecs and the Higgs field… Maybe a connection with the project I have of 3D movie in 2014…  So more to come on that…


Time chameleons

Looking out of the window of my office, I saw on the other side of the yard the Cern’s library…  After visiting the library I imagined a quiet action for it. Talking with Ariane Koeck, she told me she was to offer me the library as a possible performing ground!

But what would be our motivation as dancers, our reason to be there physically during opening hours? How would we interact with the readers without disturbing space and time? I had to invent a fiction, some purpose… I imagined that we were “beings” on a journey from another dimension and passing through the library. Just like the angels in Wim Wenders’s “Wing Of Desire”, we would use the library as a resting place… We called ourselves “Strangels”, a contraction of “strange” and “angels”. It sounded like the name of a new particle, and I thought it was pretty cool. Our story was a bit of science fiction, but we had our reason to be there, our experiment could start, it was spring 2012…

My idea was to “melt” our bodies into the timeline of the library. Like time chameleons, we were to adapt our movements and presence to the quiet and studious atmosphere of the library and be practically unnoticed. My postulate was to imagine that the perception of time is relative; there was a special texture to “time” inside the library. How long is an afternoon in a library? Never ending or passing by too quickly? It is a shared space, with the unique density you can feel in studious atmosphere and its user’s different virtual timelines. We melted into the element of the library and as we guessed, our “unusual” presence and actions did not create conflicts with our surroundings and the students at work. It was a bit like entering slowly into water and becoming part of the element without disturbing its balance. The time hypothesis worked… I wanted to do more site specific interventions in Cern because I was learning things differently. Some understanding was going through my body. Being in action into the labs…


Mr Higgs

Summer came. The “Higgs like particle” was to be announced on the 4th of July in Cern, I did not expect it to be such an emotional event and was caught by surprise. On that day, Cern was buzzing, international press everywhere, restricted access, I managed to sneak in the press conference to see the real Higgs!…


I also started traveling back in time, in my own memory and realized that I was born in 1964, the year Higgs, Brout and Englert published a paper predicting the famous boson… Only two years younger than my mother, Peter Higgs had to wait the full length of my own life, 48 odd years, to witness his prediction…  I remembered my mother telling me how Einstein taught her brother, my uncle Walter, to ride a bicycle in the thirties in Ostende. My grandfather was a journalist walking away form fascism in Italy. In Ostende he met Albert Einstein, his wife and assistants, about to leave the continent for America and made a series of interviews, never to be published. Afraid for the anti nazi positions expressed by her husband, worried for friends and family still in Germany,  Ms Einstein ask for the interview not to be published…

 On  that 4th of July, physics felt like family.

Spider Galaxies

In July, during the lively Cern student summer, we presented one of my pieces, Spider Galaxies, as an “open run” inside the Cern Cafeteria transformed into a dance studio for the afternoon. It was quite an experience to witness our dance in the « womb » of Cern ! And hear the “sound of the Higgs” that the composer Carla Scaletti has created with some simulated data from the LHC.. Days away from Mr Higgs himself having his coffee in that precise space!



The cafeteria is definitively a fantastic space for showing dance in Cern. It was interesting to be seen from inside and not from outside… Dancing without disturbing the normal life of the lab, being visible only to the ones who were looking…. A great article was written by Michael Doser in Nature about this experiment.

Working summer

During the summer, I taught  a workshop in Senegal and travelled with the company to Mexico for a tour of Spider Galaxies.


After a short holiday, back in September I did a lecture on the history of contemporary dance in the council chamber and we prepared two more site specific  interventions @ Cern. One in the Calcul Center and the other in the anti matter experiment…

More site specific@Cern

Le Centre de Calcul: There was so much data flowing around us in the Cern server farm!… The audience was seeing us from the glassed balcony, at a distance. Separated sonically from us performers on the ground, surrounded by the roaring sound of the computer’s thousand’s fans. The audience were “feeling us” as if we were part of the constant vibration of that space. The sensation of distance was enhanced by the special light inside the centre and our fluorescent clothes under the neon lights. Again we merged into the space-time we were visiting… As in the library, workers were passing by, practically undistracted by our silent presence. In the library we were absorbing knowledge, in the calcul centre we were absorbing gigabytes and becoming part of the worldwide grid…


Anti Matter Hall

On the following week we were inside the anti matter hall. A huge industrial space, full of cables and magnificent hi tech machines, liquid helium containers and radioactivity warning sings… Anti matter, particles beyond the invisible!… If there is movement, is there anti movements?  We cruised the space and played with perspectives, dancers bounded together using the principle of the strong force… The audience watched us from a balcony, seeing us from above they looked at the space in a way they never looked at it before…


Trough the 4 interventions I  have been worried a bout the decorative element of the performances we generated at Cern. I invented a pretext for dance, but what does justifies movement to take place inside a lab? Nothing really but our desire to do so… After completing the 4 performances I realized how essential those movement experiments inside scientific working spaces and labs were. Flows of knowledge inside the library, torrents of datas in the Calcul Center, beam of anti matter in a huge laboratory, even the cafeteria, social epicentre of mathematic minds, we physically explored different functional spaces and felt it in our bones… It was only by crossing our paths in space and time that we, the “physicals” could meet with the “physicists”.

It was now time to take phycists into my laboratory, the dance studio… Which we did. We invited Michael Doser and Nicolas Chanon for three working sessions in my own laboratory, the dance studio!


To be continued…


13 Nov 2012

Welcome!!!! I hope you will enjoy Cern hospitality as much as I did!

/////////////Sound artist Bill Fontana is announced as the new Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist in residence 2013



10 Nov 2012

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

 Mesdames  et messieurs les représentants de l’Etat de Genève, mesdames messieurs les représentants de la Ville de Genève, Monsieur le directeur general du Cern, Ariane,

 I am very happy to welcome you at the final lecture of my residency Collide@Cern Geneva.

 It has been a truly inspiring time for me to be here.

 I had the unique opportunity to live and work in the middle of the largest particle physic laboratory in the world and I would like to thank everybody here @ Cern for making me feel so welcome.

 I want to thanks especially Ariane Koeck for being a fantastic facilitator and mediator between art and science. With great sensibility she introduced me to many scientists that have taken some of their precious time to meet with me.

Thanks to all of you, it has been fantastic!

 I also want to especially thank everybody @ Cern that helped us organize the different live intervention we did on the site, always a challenge to play out of the box…

 For this lecture, I will concentrate on the main lines of my investigation. I will try to show where I stand artistically after the months I have spent in Cern. What I can say is that it is only the beginning as I’ve only had a flavour of what could be possible to develop in relation to dance and physics.

 I have discovered a tiny percentage of this fabulous  universe of Cern. But what I have “seen”, maybe I should say, “felt”, even in the tiniest experiment always had so many layers and connections between mind, knowledge, abstraction and passion… During my time here, I tried to melt into the space to become one of the natural branch of investigation of this gigantic lab.

 I found so interesting in physics the a priori counter intuitive approach in which theory comes before observation… this very interesting zone of tension between knowledge and counter intuition…

 What I brought  in with me as a choreographer was my embodied knowledge. My ability to trigger thoughts and emotions inside the viewer’s brain, by organizing the movement of bodies in space and time by matter of intuition. 

 It might seem a bit abstract, but it does work!

Contemporary dance does just this!

It is a trigger to think laterally.

 Contemporary dance is based on the juxtaposition of different non narrative performative strategies. What you see is what you think…

You are free to think whatever you want, but there is a structure to guide you, embedded in the piece you are watching. To me, as a spectator, contemporary dance is about watching choreographic structures unfolding and thinking for myself.

 What I have learned @ Cern is that fundamental research is… fundamental.

In science but also in the arts.

 In Europe, dance is a “production based” activity we don’t search enough and produce too much. But just like in science, we need dedicated labs in contemporary dance. Science shows us the importance of research to feed knowledge.  Actually we should not call it “search” or “research” but fundamental knowledge building.

Building fundamental knowledge without the necessity to make a “product” at the end.

But the most important  lesson I have learned in Cern is that knowledge is there only to be shared…




Watch the full lecture at: (in english)

10 Nov 2012

Here is the link to watch my final lecture of the residency program Collide@Cern Geneva.

I have spent more than three months embedded inside the largest particle laboratory in the world and it has been a mind blowing experience!

It will continue as I will be making a piece around the idea of particle physics, hopefully in 2013!


Watch the full lecture at: (in english)




06 Nov 2012

Collide@Cern Geneva dance and performance residence

Gilles Jobin final lecture
6th of november 18:00 CET
You can catch the event on a live webcast here


24 Sep 2012

Here you can see some photos of last week  Strangels performance @ the Anti Mater Hall

72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5350 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5359 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5382 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5401 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5413 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5414 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5432 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5450 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5454 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5469 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5478 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5487 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5522 72JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-5526


24 Sep 2012


To celebrate the end of Gilles Jobin’s residency at Cern, the Cie Gilles Jobin and the Orchestre de Chambre de Genève are very happy to offer 20 invitations for Cern staff to the opening of the season of the OCG at the BFM on the 2nd of October.

Cie Gilles Jobin will be presenting at 19h the piece Shaker Loops, with Susana Panades Diaz, Isabelle Rigat and Gilles Jobin, music John Adams performed by the OCG under the direction of David Greilsammer.

After the 35mn piece of John Adams, the evening continues with a program of conert by OCG Mozart, Beethoven, Marais and Pelzel.

To apply for the invitation please write to The first twenty persons to reply will receive one invitation! Please mention “Shaker Loops Invitation” on the email.

Detail info on the OCG website


Shaker Loops (3mn extrait)
24 Sep 2012

Here you can see some photos of last week  Strangels performance @ the Centre de Calcul.

JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3538 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3624 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3627 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3628 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3639 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3641 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3682 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3694 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3697 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3715 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3720 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3727 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3743 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3746 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3754 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3770 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3773 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3811 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3827 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3830 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3848 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3851 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3855 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3873 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3884 JobinCERN_Alpha©GregoryBatardon-3900


17 Sep 2012


17 Sep 2012

Making more than a big bang: art and science collide at CERN

Ariane Koek, head of arts development at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, on how arts and science can co-exist.


17 Sep 2012

Dear Arts Interested at CERN

Please find enclosed details of the final intervention by Collide@CERN choreographer in residence, Gilles Jobin.

With thanks to the anti matter experiments in Building 193, there will be an intervention this coming Wednesday between 12.30-1400.

See what happens when dancers enter the anti matter experimental hall….


04 Sep 2012


Cie Gilles Jobin website
Gilles Jobin CERN blog

La Ribot website

Motion Bank, a Forsythe Company project


Cie Gilles Jobin Vimeo channel
full length and excerpts

Dancetech TV
Marlon Barrio’s social network with a great collection of first hand interview produced by Dancetech TV and full length pieces.

Merce Cunningham Dance Company
A fantastic collection of interviews, extract of pieces etc…

Ubu web
Rare films. oldies  and documents

Numeridanse TV
French web tv with many dance videos, Pina Baush etc…


Le Voyage de Moebius (2001) Luc Peter
52 mn Documentary following the creation of The Moebius Strip
with english subtitles

Préliminaires: Gilles Jobin, chorégraphe (2008)
26 mn Swiss french TV on the creation of Black Swan

La Ribot Distinguida (2003) Luc Peter
60mn dpcumentary on the “piezas Distinguidas ” by La Ribot


Centre National de la Danse Paris
Dance studios and ressource center in Paris, library etc..

Association Vaudoise de Danse Contemporaine

Social network of the profesional dancer of the lake geneva region
A Cie Gilles Jobin’s project: Mapping of the context for contemporary dance in South America


La Bâtie Festival de Genève

Association Danse Contemporaine Genève (ADC)
Dance space in Geneva with a regular program of contemporary dance

Theatre de l’Usine Genève
Alternative space with a regular program of cutting edge and newcomers


Exibition “je danse donc je suis” Centre Pompidou Paris
Relation between visual art and contemporary dance

Exibition: Move choreographing you
Hayward Gallery London, Seoul, Munich…
Choreographers as visual artists, audience as actor of the dance

Dance is a Weapon/CND Paris
1930′s political and socially engaged american choreographers


Journal de l’ADC Genève (french) (gratuit)

Danser Magazine (french-not distributed in CH)

Mouvement (french)
Cutting edge Arts vivants magazine


Larousse – Dictionnaire de la danse*
The largest dictionnary for dance (in french)

André Lepecki
Exausting Dance: Performance and the politic of movement
Dance (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art)

Susan Buirge (American choreographer’s auto biography)
Une Vie dans l’Espace de la Danse

Philippe Noisette (french dance critique)*
Talk About Contemproary Dance (english and french version)

Jonhathan Burrows (english choreographer)
A Choreographer’s handbook

La Ribot – Parcours d’artiste*
(by La Ribot, engish and french,  with text from André Lepecki, Laurent Goumarre, Adrian Heathfield, José A. Sánchez et Gerald Siegmund )

François Frimat (french philosophe)*
Qu’est ce que la danse contemporaine) Politiques de l’hybride

Rosita Boisseau (french dance critic)*
Panorama de la danse contmeporaine (100 hundred choreographers)

Laurence Louppe (frech dance theorist)
Poetique de la danse contemproaine

Laure Guibert
Danser avec le IIIème Reich

Geisha Fontaine
Les Danses du Temps
Un questionnement philosophique et artistique sur la singularité de la notion de temps en danse contemporaine

Dance is a Weapon / CND exibition catalogue

Sally Banes
Terpsichore en Basket, Post Modern Dance

Valeska Gert  (German choreographer 1930′s- auto biography)
Je Suis Une Sorcière

Annie Suquet
L’éveil des modernités-Une histoire culturelle de la danse

And many more interesting book at the Paris CND website.

* Gilles Jobin mentioned in book

Gilles Jobin music for his dance pieces

Franz Treichler and The Young Gods

Cristian Vogel
Black Swan (2009)

Cristian Vogel
Double Deux + Delicado (2007)

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29 Aug 2012

Here my recommendation for La Batie Festival. Click on the image for direct link to La Batie’s website


Gilles Jobin Company’s dancer Susana Panadez Dias collaborates with two South African Choreographers and two musicians. A great creation, and for what I have seen in rehearsals.. Not to be missed!


My congolese friend Faustin Linekula is probably one of the most interesting african contemporary choreographer. His work deals with questions of identity and his an expression of urban africa. I have not seen this piece, but I will be there because it is always interesting. Contemporary art made in Africa!


Slightly overrated if unique in his style, Jérôme Bel, french choreographer, has spent his last 10 years deconstructing contemporary dance. You hate it or love it, I find myself in the middle, but his work is always interesting. In this production he works with Theater Hora a disabled company. For what I heard the piece is very interesting… A must seen for better understanding new tendencies in contemporary dance and theater.


Peeping Tom is a dance company form Belgium that is very popular. They do a very theatrical work that audiences all over the world find captivating due to the level of great interpreters on stage. In my selection it is the most mainstream choice… for the record, I was at dance school with company leader Frank Chartier about one hundred years ago, which happens to be the uncle of our dancer Louis Clément Da Costa! (seen in open rehearsal of Spider Galaxies@cern in July)… Just like physics, dance is small world!


Marie Caroline Hominal, ex company dancer still working with Geneva based choreographer La Ribot is now working on her own creation for some years. In this project she works with her brother, visual artist and shooting star David Hominal .  I have not seen this durational piece, but I will do!  It is worth going and have a look, and for what I’ve heard stay at least 40mn out of the 4 hours…


In theater, as Cern members you might be attracted by local director Dorian Rossel‘s piece Cosmos? I have not seen or have heard, so you go on your own risks!


Musician POL does his thing during La Bâtie. He was running the sound on KYMA system during the open rehersal of Spider Galxies we did at the cafeteria this summer. Heavy duty sound, this is next level  electronic music!


I always missed Canadian choreographer Benoit Lachambre, but I won’t this time! Amazing interpreter, he danced for Meg Stuart between others, his work his quite radical in its texture. Accompanied by talented multi-instrumentalist Hahn Rowe, puts his body into a state of perpetual transformation


Theater, the master Heiner Goebbels, nothing to say, a master…

Linah Saneh and Rabih Mroué…. Fantastic work from Beyrouth. I have not seen this piece, but all they do is so interesting! Very much based on the life of being lebanese in a contradictory country… See reality in a different and humorous way! Lina and Rabih offer a double reflexion on the power of Facebook social network and on the Lebanon’s political paralysis… A must see!

And there is more shows to discover… Trust your intuition!


29 Aug 2012

The Festival de La Bâtie is about to open! A great opportunity to see some nice cutting edge dance pieces from all over the world.


You might have seen Cie Gilles Jobin’s dancer Susana around Cern library as a Strangels or during the open rehersal of Spider Galaxies…


Do not miss S.P.A.C.E the piece Susana Panadez Dias created with South African dancers and choreographers Hector Thami Manekehla, and Thabiso Heccius Pule in a residency in Soweto and in the company’s Studios 44 in Geneva. If you come the 3rd of September, at 19h30 we make a presentation of our south-south project prior to the show.

Go to our Flickr account to see rehersals photos at Studios 44


29 Aug 2012

Visit Cie Gilles Jobin Vimeo channel to see full length videos and excerpts of most of Gilles Jobin’s  pieces.



07 Aug 2012

Article dans The Guardian sur les Strangels du CERN de la Cie Gilles Jobin

Article dans Le Courrier International web et papier juillet-août sur les Strangels du CERN de la Cie Gilles Jobin

Article dans The Huffington Post sur les Strangels du CERN de la Cie Gilles Jobin

Le son du Boson de Higgs, dévelloppé pour le spectacle Spider Galaxies de la Cie Gilles Jobin par Carla Scaletti

From the Higgs to the Sound of Senegalese drums sur son blog du CERN Gilles Jobin nous raconte son workshop au Sénégal.

Article dans 15min, Lituanie sur les Strangels du CERN de la Cie Gilles Jobin

Article dans DANSER Magazine web sur la résidence de Gilles Jobin au CERN

Article dans DANSER Magazine papier juillet août  sur la résidence de Gilles Jobin au CERN

Article dans Le Courrier papier et web Genève sur Gilles Jobin et Joao Paquenao, partenaire d’inspiration

RSR 2, Impatience, interview de Gilles Jobin sur sa résidence au CERN

Videos Interviews Dancetech TV:  Ariane Koek, Gilles Jobin, Joao Pequenao




03 Aug 2012

The 31st of July we presented a ful length dress rehersal of one of my latest creation Spider Galaxies. The idea being to invite scientist into our labs, the dance space…


The restaurent of cafeteria 1 was turned into a beautiful dance studio for the afternoon. I am very hapy because one of the idea of my initial project was to find spaces to present dance@cern. The Cafeteria offered a  nice 8mx11m dance space and enough room for about 50 to 100 people.

We received some nice feedback from scientists. It is a unique experience to get to see dancers from so close! It is like seeing top class olympic athletes practicing in a few meters away from you!

Phycicist Panos Charitos feedback

“First of all I would like to thank you because I thought this was a wonderful performance. Indeed I was never expecting that all these beautiful feelings and emotions could ever come out from a machine like LHC.
Loneliness and partnership, fear and joy, trembling and tranquility … human’s basic instincts were all there (at least in my eyes) and I am stunned by the fact that they were all inspired from a machine that collides particles in our effort to grasp the fundamental laws of nature, the evolution of our universe.
Although I am not an expert in contemporary dance this was one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen. I would also like to share some of my thoughts regarding the penultimate(?) scene where three of the dancers are lying on the floor, spotting the body of a dancer with their laser-pointers. This made me to recall the Lacanian teaching about the body. Lacan distinguished three basic possibilities of experiencing the body, namely the symbolic (or scientific), the imaginary (or ideal) and the real body and stated that the real body is only emerging in our efforts to symbolize or idealize the body which are bound to remain incomplete and fragile.
I tend to agree with Lacanians (but interestly with modern theologians) that the 21st century will mark the return of the body.  A body that has been neglected and hyper-mediated over the 20th century. So, that part of the choreography reminded me how the light produced at LHC, the beams travelling at the speed of light , the light that lies in the cathedral of science (so important for science from cosmology to communications) has marked our body – perhaps in a way that we could never have a return to the “real” body…and yet opens a space of aporia and heterogeneity.
To the extend that choreography is concerned with the human body, Jobin’s latest intervention reminded us the role and the importance of science and challenges us to rethink what the “real body” is and how it can be rediscovered.     Congratulations!”

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02 Aug 2012

Can you dance in CERN? There is  many spaces around… The search has started…



02 Aug 2012

Can you dance in CERN? There is  many spaces around… The search has started…