Yu-Chen Wang

Honorary Mention Collide International 2018

New Art Commission 2018

The work of Yu-Chen Wang asks fundamental questions about human identity at a key point in history, where eco-systems and techno-systems have become inextricably intertwined. At the same time, her Taiwanese origins, combined with a London-based career, have created a vision that is personal and autobiographical. Yu-Chen’s central practice is drawing, allowing her to explore and meditate on mechanical and biological forms, and the ways in which their bodily borderlines blur and mutate. From these extemporisations, she then finds collaborative routes that take her work into the realms of fictional text, provoking the subsequent production of sculptural installation, performance, music, and film, in various combinations.

Yu-Chen is a participating artist in Broken Symmetries, an international exhibition celebrating the 3-year partnership of Arts at CERN and FACT. It is also the first touring show created in collaboration of ScANNER - Science and Art Network for New Exhibition and Research comprising Arts at CERN Geneva, FACT Liverpool, CCCB Barcelona, le lieu unique Nantes, and iMAL Brussels. She has been supported with a New Commission to develop her project We aren’t able to prove that just yet, but we know it’s out there, an attempt to reconfigure the explorations of fundamental research.

Yu-Chen’s work develops a poetic narrative of the histories of scientific research: pulling images and references from both personal and institutional archives related to scientists she interviews. We aren’t able to prove that just yet... establishes parallel lines between individual stories and historical documents available at the institutions where she has been researching, that includes CERN. This work focuses on the abstract photographic images produced by the Bubble Chamber experiments in the 1960’s. She was fascinated not only about what they detected –the paths of short-lived electrically charged particles– but also the whole process which surrounded their documentation and interpretation.

The artist would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the work 'We aren't able to prove theat just yet but we know its out there': Helen Arney (voiceover), Capitol K (sound design), Marion Neumann (camera), and to the following scientists for their generous support: Maria Fidecaro, Michael Doser, James Beacham, Mike Houlden, Tara Shears, Jon Butterworth, and Andy Newsam. Archive documentation courtesy of CERN, University of Liverpool and Mike Houlden.

Photo credits in the website: Courtesy of the artist and Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The artist at the CERN Archives. Noemi Caraban/CERN.