Trojans Collective

Trojans Collective

Artists in Residency 2021

A collaboration with Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva

Trojans Collective is a Geneva-based design collective founded by Jeanne Pasquet (FR), Netillo Rojas (CH), Jessica-Maria Nassif (FR/LB) and Helena Bosch Vidal (ES).

Their work revolves around three axes: space design, graphic communication and video. A set of diverse skills that they use in their experimental and transversal practice. Passionate about research, their projects are driven by a common understanding of reality. They question various contemporary issues related to the political and social evolutions of the world in which they evolve.

As part of their Embassy of Foreign Artists residency in 2021, in collaboration with Arts at CERN and CERN archives, Trojans Collective proposes the HTTP://COFFEEPOT research-fiction project. The collective will exploit, use and redefine the reading of selected archives from CERN in order to interrogate the consequence of the hypothetical first invisible correspondence of the World Wide Web, between the HTTP program and a coffee machine (Trojans Room Coffee Pot). This investigation will identify new forms of intimate communication from the point of view of objects, in order to analyze them and produce an object-oriented exhibition and edition.

 Photo credit : Baptiste Coulon 

Screenshot of the original NeXT web browser in 1993 (Image: Berners-Lee/CERN)