Tania Candiani

Honorary Mention of Collide 2020
Guest Artist and Art Commission 2022

Tania Candiani is a Mexican artist. Her work has been developed in various media and practices that maintain an interest in the complex intersection between languages systems -phonic, graphics, linguistic, symbolic and technological. She has worked with different associative narratives, taking as a starting point a proposal to invent from reordering, remixing, and playing with correspondences between technologies, knowledge and thought, using the idea of organization and reorganization of discourse, as a structure of creative and critical thinking and as material for actual production. The translation between diverse systems of representation is key in the materialization of her work. 

In 2020, Tania Candiani received an Honorary Mention of the Collide Award for her project proposal Quantum Fictions. She will take part in the Guest Artists programme to engage with CERN's research and community in a short exploratory stay.