Samoa Rémy

Guest Artist 2020
Honorary Mention of Collide 2020

Samoa Rémy is a visual artist originally from Switzerland, living in Oslo for the last 20 years. She is PhD fellow in artistic research, KHIO Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

In her current PhD project she is among other pairing research on subatomic particles with another area of interest: the fact that in most of the archaic cosmogonies, sound was perceived to be the basic matter. Her work is characterised by a constant search for the interval that re-establishes a certain equilibrium between opposing forces. In weaving together several artistic media like installation, drawing, prints, sculpture and video, she argues that she often creates a 'whole' that instils a subtle upheaval of the order and control generally created by the human being.

Rémy is currently working on an installation which expresses reflections regarding the essence of communication. Here she is interested in creating elements which provoke a sort of perceptive shifting and in using materials, or "bodies", which make reciprocal imprints on each other.

Samoa Rémy was awarded an Honorary Mention of the Collide Award, a collaboration framework with Instituto de la Cultura and the Barcelona City Council (2019-2021).