CERN Accelerating science

The third  edition  of Collide International Award- in collaboration with Ars Electronica- was granted to the Japanese artist, Ryoji Ikeda, won the Prix Ars Electronica 2014.

Ryoji Ikeda

Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and that of visuals as light by means of both mathematical precision and mathematical aesthetics. Ikeda has gained a reputation as one of the few international artists working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. He elaborately orchestrates sound, visuals, materials, physical phenomena and mathematical notions into immersive live performances and installations.

The residency provides artists with time and space to reflect, research and renew their artistic practice. Ryoji did this by deeply exploring the multidimensional work of CERN science, through meetings with physicists at CERN, including experts on extra dimensions and Supersymmetry. He even met with the man in charge of the LHC himself, Frédérick Bordry and with Sergio Bertolucci, Director of Research and Computing. Ryoji Ikeda finished his residency at CERN, after a two week stay in campus in January 2015, completing the time he started in Summer 2014.The artist has attributed his time at CERN as a source for the creation of two pieces: "supersymmetry" and "micro | macro".