Rudy Decelière & Vincent Hänni

Collide Geneva Award 2014

Swiss artists Rudy Decelière and Vincent Hänni are the winners of the COLLIDE Geneva Award 2014, and they collaborated with experimentalist physicist Robert Kieffer and theorist physicist Diego Blas. 

Vincent Hanni

Vincent Hanni is a guitarist, he has always been passionate about sound and sound experimentation. He enjoys both modular synthesis and the practice of acoustic instruments such as guitar and lute. He's composed music for over thirty films, plays or choreographies. From 2007 to 2014, he joined the group The Young Gods with which he composed several albums and performed internationally. He collaborates with many actors in the Swiss experimental and theatrical scene.

Rudy Decelière

Rudy Decelière lives and works in Geneva. He explores sound art mostly through installations, in both outdoor and indoor spaces, and in an ongoing relationship with environments, architectural elements, and native soundscapes. His parallel experiences as a sound engineer for film and a sound designer for interdisciplinary projects have led to multiple reflections regarding sound, its spaces, and their relationships or limits with respect to music, giving rise to performances and multichannel works broadcast in specific contexts. Thanks to his experience in film, Rudy Decelière works mostly with concrete sounds testing the limits of the perceptions of the listener.