Patricia Dominguez

Patricia Domínguez

Simetría Residency Award 2020

Patricia Domínguez is an artist, educator and earth defender based in Puchuncaví, Chile. She is the founder of Studio Vegetalista, an experimental platform for ethnobotanical research based in Chile.

Bringing together experimental research on ethnobotany, healing practices and the corporatization of wellbeing, her practice focuses on challenging the increasingly globalized corporate cosmologies that are emerging, by tracing the precarious relationships between species that are contextualized the current digitization of the living. Her installations take the form sculptures, videos and publications which are designed to exorcise the effects of late capitalism and ecological destruction in the physical and social body, while exploring the emancipatory potential of artistic imagination as a form of psychic emancipation and as a path of healing our colonial trauma. 

Recent exhibitions include: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid; CentroCentro, Madrid; Yeh Art Gallery, New York (all 2020), Gasworks, London; Meet Factory, Prague; TEA, Tenerife (all 2019); SeMA Seoul Museum of Art, Korea; ARCO Madrid; Twin Gallery, Madrid (all 2018); Museo MAC, Santiago; Sala CCU, Santiago; CA2M, Madrid (2017); Pizzuti Collection, Ohio; Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago (2016); El Museo del Barrio, New York; FLORA, Bogotá (2013). She contributed to the DoCA HEALTH book with the text ‘Technologies of Enchantment” commissioned by Gasworks for her 2019 solo show. Her next projects will be exhibited at Gwangju Biennale and La Casa Encendida (both 2021), and The Wellcome Collection (2022).

Patricia Dominguez is, together with Chloé Delarue, the winner of the Simetría Residency Award. They will complete a joint residency of up to three weeks split between two locations – CERN in Geneva and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) astronomy facilities in Chile: Antofagasta, La Silla and the ALMA observatory (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO).