Michael Najjar

Guest Artist 2019

Michael Najjar is a German photographer adventurer and – future astronaut based in Berlin since 1988. In his artwork, Michael Najjar takes a complex critical look at the technological forces shaping and drastically transforming the early 21st century. Najjar’s photographic and video works exemplify and draw on his interdisciplinary understanding of art. In his artistic practice, he fuses art, science, and technology into visions of future social structures emerging under the impact of cutting-edge technologies.

In 2019, Najjar came to CERN as Guest Artist. During three days, he visited and explored some of the laboratories and facilities of the lab. Picturing the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, his work supersymmetric particles (2019) has been featured in CENTERPOINT NOW, “Are we there yet?”, a publication commemorating the UN’s 75th anniversary.