CERN Accelerating science

Lea Porsager graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, and the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main in 2010. She began her studies as a PhD fellow at Malmö Art Academy and Lund University in September 2015 where she is currently researching the collision between quantum theory and spiritual paradigms.

Porsager’s practice interweaves fabulation and speculation with a variety of mediums including film, sculpture, photography, and text. Her works encompass science, politics, feminism, and esotericism. Since 2008, her practice has been strongly in uenced by scientific concepts relating to energy, transmission, non-human agency, spheres, apparatus’, spiritual cosmologies, technologies, compost, occult matter, feminism, ecosystems, algorithms or kundalini.

She is recipient of an Honorary Mention as part of Collide International award 2018, and she is currently developing a new artwork after her experiences at CERN that will be launched in November 2018 at FACT Liverpool.

Photo credit: Anne Ulrikke. Courtesy of the artist.