Laura Couto Rosado

Collide Pro Helvetia Residency Award 2017

Laura Couto Rosado is a Swiss product and media designer based between Shanghai and Geneva. Her practice evolves beyond the form/function principle and the “solving problem” dogma; it moves towards other paradigms that reflect the complexity and accelerating social changes. Her projects are at the crossroad of multiple disciplines, revolve around a continual exploration of new territories which are off the beaten path. She is involved in a process of strong symbiosis between design, art, science and technology. This transversal practice misuses technology in a unique way to reactivate our link with nature and make us more conscious of the wonder of its phenomena. The outcomes are hybrid devices that reveal beauty and poetry where one does not expect it.

In 2017, Couto Rosado was the winner of the Collide Pro Helvetia Residency Award. During her three-month residency at CERN, she explored materials, textures, and colours to create objects that remind of elementary particles. After her residency, Laura developed a few projects inspired by her time in the laboratory: Sparkling Quantum Plasticine was a performance talk created in collaboration with Jeremy Niedziela, a particle physicist at CERN, that was part of the Mirage Festival in Lyon and the Retune Festival in Berlin in 2018Quantum Nuggets is a project at the crossroads of design and quantum physics that generates organic forms from real data of particle collisions recorded by the ALICE Experiment, one of the 4 main detectors at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.