Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller

2019 Collide Pro Helvetia 

Christina Hemauer (born 1973 Zurich, Switzerland) and Roman Keller (born 1969 Liestal, Switzerland) are an artistic duo based in Zurich, Switzerland. Since 2003, their research displays a major ecological and political commitment that is expressed in films, performances, installations, and publications.

Recent exhibitions include Acoustic Sky Funnel Locator, Temporary Chapel Winterthur-Veltheim (2021), The Overview Effect, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (2021), Sharity – share, exchange, waive, Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil-Jona (2021), «Le Cube», TLH Valais (2020), «Karavane», Kunsthalle Memmingen (2019), «Wärme tauschen», Altes Dampfbad – Gesellschaft Freunde junger Kunst, Baden-Baden (2018), «Werkschau 2018», Ausstellung der Fachstelle Kul- tur im Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich (2018), «Wo deine Füsse stehen…», Kunsthalle Arbon, CH 2018 | «Groentopia», Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke (2018).

Hermauer and Keller were the recipients of the 2019 Collide Pro Helvetia residency award set up in collaboration with Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council. Hemauer and Keller were selected by a jury of experts from art and science for their proposal The Cloud-Cooperation’ in which they propose to continue their research examining the human-nature relationships in the age of climate change in contact with scientists at CERN.

On 7 October, Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller began their residency at CERN, but was interrupted due to covid-19. Their next stay at CERN is post-poned to late summer in 2021.

Image: Rosa Menkman.