CERN Accelerating science

The first of a new series of art commissions in collaboration with international cultural institutions, The View from Nowhere presents in a single video channel installation a reflection about the role of science as an objective analysis of the natural world.

Semiconductor explore the dichotomy that is revealed between the surprisingly creative pursuit of theoretically modelling our physical universe and the fixed/hard classical nature of producing instrumentation to test these notions. It reveals a sense of the scientific frameworks developed by man to explore matter beyond the limits of human experience, whilst raising questions about our place in the larger nature of reality. Created from filmed footage from their 3-months residency at CERN in 2015, in The View from Nowhere the artists designed a composition of images and narratives by juxtaposing conversations with theoretical physicists Luis Alvárez Gaumé and John Ellis with filmed footage at different CERN’s hi-tech workshops.

Co-commissioned by Arts at CERN,  FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool) and Le Lieu Unique, Nantes.

Currently in exhibition at Le Lieu Unique until June 3rd.