CERN Accelerating science

The winner of “Collide Pro Helvetia”, in partnership with the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, is the artist and designer Laura Couto Rosado. 

She will spend three months at CERN exploring design principles inspired by fundamental particles and the way these are described by physicists. “Collide is a unique opportunity for a creator to confront his ideas to the actual practices and knowledge of renowned scientists. It is a life-and-career-changing experience. We are pleased to offer this chance to Laura Couto Rosado, who unanimously convinced the jury with her work at the crossroads between physics, interaction design and poetry” says Michel Vust, Project Leader Pro Helvetia.

The Swiss designer, received the Grand Prix award at Design Parade 2014 in France, her artistic inspiration comes from technologies and their abilities to create a piece of art. At CERN, she will also explore materials, textures, and colours to create objects that will remind of elementary particles. In her own words: "I would like to emplace a formal language, a design principle of objects that corresponds with the way that particles are seen, described and characterized by scientists".