CERN Accelerating science

Cascade consist of a fluid kinetic installation resulting from Kim’s two-month residency at Arts at CERN as part of the Collide International Residency Award 2016

 Monday 17 September, 6-8pm
Artist Talk:
 Thursday 4 October, 7pm
With Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski, Media Archaeologist
Monica Bello, Curator and Head of Arts at CERN
Je Yun Moon, Associate Curator, KCCUK

The Korean Cultural Centre, London (KCCUK) presents Dawns, Mine, Crystal, the first UK solo exhibition from South Korean artist Yunchul Kim. The exhibition marks Kim’s nomination as ‘2018 Artist of the Year’, KCCUK’s major annual award programme. Working within the realms of contemporary art, science and visual effects, the exhibition comprises installations, drawings and sketchbooks and premieres the new work Cascade (2018), a joint commission by KCCUK, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool) and Arts at CERN.

Cascade consists of 18 meter-long interconnecting tubes, clear fluid continually circulates within them, through micro tunnels approximately two millimeters in diameter. As air is pushed through, microtunnels disappear and reappear, bringing to light the fundamental changes evoked when the relationship between matter and force is reassembled.

Kim’s art practise focuses on the research of new materiality and the artistic potential of fluid dynamics  and  metamaterials  (synthetic  materials  that  exhibit  properties  not  commonly  found  in  natural  materials).  Creating  objects  and  installations  which  transfer  fluid,  movement  is  triggered  by  cosmic  rays,  acoustic,  and/or  vibrating  impulses.  Forming  ever-changing, fascinating yet puzzling images, spectators are given a glimpse into the worlds  of  alchemy,  astrophysics  and  new  technologies.

Cascade is co-produced by ScANNER network (consisting of Arts at CERN and FACT, as well as Le Lieu Unique, Nantes; CCCB, Barcelona; iMAL, Brussels) in collaboration with the KCCUK. Cascade will be part of Quantica, a touring exhibition by Collide residency artists travelling to FACT in November 2018 and onwards to Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spring 2019, Le Lieu Unique in Autumn / Winter 2019 and iMAL in Spring 2020