That’s About The Size of It


'Thats About The Size Of It' was co-created by Niamh Shaw & Úna Kavanagh and produced by Show In A Bag. Niamh was introduced to a number of scientists and physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider, and she assimilated some of the fascinating science into something that resonated with her personally. Co-creators Shaw & Kavanagh worked very hard to interrogate the consequences of this science in our everyday life and to present it in vernacular form within a theatrical context. The end result was a highly visual, accessible, biographical piece about life choices, and everyone's quest for identity.


That’s About The Size of It was first performed in Dublin in September 2011. The show has been selected for the Dublin City of Science 2012.


The image is a film still from That’s About the Size of It
by Niamh Shaw.

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