Quark Dancing

Mark Baldwin

Photo by Simon Weir

The Rambert Dance Company held the world premiere of "The Strange Charm of Mother Nature" at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth in the UK on September 24th-26th, 2014, and it then went on a national tour, finishing at the Sadler's Wells, London on November 2014. Watch this space.

The Piece was inspired by Quarks, Gamma Ray Bursts and the Higgs Boson, after Mark Baldwin's and Cheryl Frances-Hoad's visit last year, as part of the Arts@CERN Visiting Artists scheme. It is in three parts, with three different, but inter-related, pieces of music by Bach, Stravinsky and the award-winning, contemporary composer, Cheryl Frances-Hoad. The three pieces of music are interlinked - Stravinsky's piece, Dumbarton Oaks, was inspired by Bach's Branderburg Concerto No. 3, and Cheryl in turn references both pieces in her new composition called Quark Dances.





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