Music Of The Universe

Photo by Katja Tähjä

The quest of the world famous Finnish conductor and composer, Esa-Pekka Salonen who Music of the Universevisited CERN on 26th March 2013 with Richard Slaney his Head of Digital Projects at the Philharmonia, was to discover the synergies between music and physics.

This was after Richard Slaney reported hearing Collide@CERN creator and Director Ariane Koek talking about the subject in January 2013 at the Association of British Orchestra’s annual conference in Yorkshire and came back inspired. See Ariane's blog. He felt sure that there was a project which the Philharmonia could devise with CERN.

The visit in February was preparation for this. Physicists exchanged their ideas about music and physics – two disciplines which use different forms of notation to communicate the invisible and unseen.

To capture their imagination they met with the cosmologist Subodh Patil, who is the new inspiration partner for Bill Fontana who will be the next Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN artist in residence. They discussed harmony in the universe and music – where the structures come from and whether the two are interlinked. Esa-Pekka and Richard had introductions as to how a detector works with Pippa Wells who is also a violinist; they visited the mighty ATLAS experiment which is one of the two largest detectors on the LHC which has been so successful in investigating the mighty Higgs Boson, and they met with CERN theorist Luis Alvarez Gaume.

Watch this space to see what happens next from their visit. To be continued…

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