"L'artiste livré à lui même"

Linda Yesmine Fregni Nagler

Photograph by Andrea Basile

Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Milano, Italy.

In her artistic research, she explores the nature of the photographic medium and how the antropological and historical context in which it is shown influences its perception. She interrogates about authorship, reproduction, manipulation and fake, using photography with a critical, reflective purpose, investigating tradition, iconographic conventions, the status of the photographic image. Her work is strictly connected with the activity of collecting: found photographs become the raw material to question how images act as living things with their own trajectories, desires, internal logics, and how they often evidence an undefinable familiarity with their subjects.

At CERN she researched about the detectors that act as giant cameras to take snapshots of the particle collisions, studing the origins of the universe. She had a two day curated visit, encountering physicists to talk about how the detectors work, how bubble chambers were used to track the trajectories of particles, and to talk about perception and how the human eye works with a physicist and neurobyologist Alan Litke. This visit, enriching Linda's research, will be used for her next work presented in Monaco this year, "L'artiste livré à lui même". 

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