BioPiracy & Magnetic Motion

Photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino

After an amazing fashion show during The Paris Fashion Week, internationally known Dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen came on a specially curated Arts@CERN Visit to sow seeds in her imagination for future work. Iris is well known for looking to science, art and philosophy for inspiration and her Paris show was no exception. Called BioPiracy, her Winter Ready to Wear collection 2014-15 explored the boundaries between private and public, asking are we sole proprietors of our bodies in the 21st century? Or do we now exist with a sense of arrested freedom even in our most intimate, solitary states?

Iris's show also showcased her constant interactions with cutting edge technology and her use of new materials and textures. She's an extraordinary young designer who brings fashion to the level of high art and who works with leading icons of pop culture, Lady Gaga and Bjork.

Through her experience with us at CERN, Iris discovered the use of magnets for the experiments. One of her visits included the CMS detector, with a 4 Tesla magnetic field that is 100,000 times stronger than the Earth's, a source of inspiration for her new Spring/Summer Collection 2015 "Magnetic Motion" shown during Paris Fashion Week on September 30th, 2014. The collection also featured in Vogue Australia as well as The Creators Project.

But that's not all! Iris came back on another specially curated visit with the Arts@CERN team in October 2014 to explore more, and boost her imagination even further. Who knows where the creative journey with Arts@CERN will take her this time?

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