Gilles Jobin

Collide@CERN Geneva Award Winner, 2012.

Internationally renowned since his first major choreographic work, A+B=X, in 1997, the Swiss choreographer and dancer Gilles Jobin has been a pioneer in the field of contemporary dance for nearly two decades. Though he lives and works primarily in Geneva, he regularly collaborates across international borders. After dancing professionally for 10 years, he founded his company, Cie Gilles Jobin, which is considered one of the leading independent dance companies in Switzerland. His radical artistic directions have made him the precursor of a new generation of European choreographers.

In March 2012, he was awarded the first Collide@CERN Geneva prize in Dance and Performance for his proposal to explore through interventions and dance the relationship between mind and body at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

In making the award, the jury recognized Jobin for his intense interest in CERN and his increasing and evolving fascination with science, as shown by his most recent work, Spider Galaxies, which used data from the LHC to generate music and movement.

Gilles Jobin also has an interesting personal link to the world of physics: his uncle learned to ride a bike from none other than Albert Einstein, whose name is synonymous with the search for beauty and elegance in the universe through the study of physics, space, and time.

His latest project, Quantum, is developing in collaboration with Jobin's fellow Collide@CERN artist-in-residence Julius von Bismarck. A fusion of dance and lighting installation, Quantum is set to debut in the CMS cavern at CERN for CERN's Open Days in September 2013 followed by an international tour.


Gilles Jobin

Gilles Jobin works with his dancers (Photo: Claude Dussex)

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Collide@CERN Geneva 2012: Gilles Jobin


Quantum: Gilles Jobin's dance piece developed after his Collide@CERN Geneva Residency. Now touring the world.

QUANTUM - Teaser from Cie Gilles Jobin on Vimeo.

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