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COLLIDE Pro Helvetia Award - Next Open Call - Autumn 2016

The creation of the worldwide web at CERN 25 years ago and its introduction into culture has revolutionized the way we live our lives. It has also changed the way in which we connect, create, distribute and view new artistic work. Artists are mapping aesthetic, social and political contours of the digital world to create new platforms and connection points for their work as well as working across art forms. From virtual performance art and virtual galleries to spaces where you can pick and mix dance moves and music, the world wide web stimulates inspiration and interconnectivity across time and space – and between other devices and platforms too.

In Collaboration with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, and its “Mobile - In Touch with Digital Creation” programme, we invite Swiss artists, or artists who work or live in Switzerland, from any discipline – from dance, sculpture, literature, to architecture, music and sound, performance and design – to create a new project at CERN, which uses and celebrates the creativity and interconnectivity of the World Wide Web.

We are particularly interested in artistic projects, which show also a connection with the multi-dimensional world of particle physics. For example at CERN we investigate the universe being shaped by sound, how metals originate from stars, the secret in every cloud which leads to its formation, the 13th dimension, hidden worlds, antimatter, the properties of forces like gravity, the behavior of particles, the wonders of Nature and the notions of time – to name but a few of CERN’s fields of investigation. Take a look on our website and discover many more –

By using the ideas of particle physics as springboards of your imagination, artists can join us by applying for the COLLIDE Residency Award.

Artists from any domain who were born, work or live in Switzerland can submit their proposed project. Chosen by an international jury, the laureate will spend 3 months at CERN and receive a stipend of CHF 15,000. Subsistence, travel, and living costs will be covered by a limited fund.


The winner of the COLLIDE Pro Helvetia Artist Residency Award 2015 is the collective, formed by (from left to right) Simon de Diesbach, Laura Perrenoud, and Marc Dubois.

Their art deals with two realities: tangible and virtual reality. “In their proposal, has a unique, original and creative approach to data visualization. We look forward to having them at CERN.

Visit their website:

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