COLLIDE Geneva Award and COLLIDE Pro Helvetia Award

The COLLIDE Geneva award celebrates Geneva as an important place for both the arts and science - past, present and future - as well as Geneva's unique role in the founding of CERN in the 1950s. The award marks CERN's cultural partnership between the City and Canton of Geneva, who fund the award. The COLLIDE Pro Helvetia award is for artists all over Switzerland, from any discipline – from dance, sculpture, literature, to architecture, music and sound, performance and design – to create a new project at CERN, which uses and celebrates the creativity and interconnectivity of the World Wide Web. COLLIDE Geneva and COLLIDE Pro Helvetia alternate each year, having an open call for Genevan artists one year and an open call for all of Swiss artists the following year.

In both cases, the winning artist is in residence for 3 months at CERN, and is assigned a special science inspiration partner. They give two public lectures at the Globe of Science and Innovation and engage with the public at CERN and beyond in myriad ways such as creating "interventions" at CERN and blogging about their experiences combining the arts & science. They are also given an office on site.

The prize comprises 15,000 CHF bursary for the 3 months of the residency. Insurance sponsored exclusively by UNIQA Assurance SA (Switzerland). 


COLLIDE Geneva - In partnership with The Republic and Canton of Geneva and with The City of Geneva.





COLLIDE Pro Helvetia - In partnership with Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.






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