Collide is the fundational programme of Arts at CERN and it begin in 2012 as a three months residency at the Laboratory for an artist per year. Collide  aims to encourage curiosity, offering experimental and open-minded artists an extraordinary framework to inspire creativity both within the sciences and the humanities. Collide proposes to transform the way art and science encounters are understood, and to challenge new modes of dialogue and enquiry providing time and resources for an artist at CERN in order to explore and research new creative expressions.

Since the beginning, Collide was organise in collaboration with institutions and organisation interested in art, science and technology crossovers. Ars Electronica was our partner in Collide for the first editions of the award. Currently, FACT Liverpool is our main partner for the International strand of Collide. Pro Helvetia the Swiss Arts Council, The Republic and Canton of Geneva and The City of Geneva, are our partners for the Swiss and Geneva strands.

Here you can find out more about the artists that are currently in residence or those who were before. Also, the current calls for entries are announced in this page.


Current Artists in residence for Collide

Haroon Mirza and Jack Jefls (UK) are the current artists in residence for Collide International in collaboration with FACT Liverpool.


Collide International residency award    





Collide Geneva - In partnership with The Republic and Canton of Genève and with The City of Genève. 


Collide Pro Helvetia - In partnership with Pro Helvetia.





Collide Geneva and Collide Pro Helvetia alternate each year, having an open call for Genevan artists one year and an open call for all of Swiss artists the following year.








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