CERN Accelerating science


ACCELERATE is the country specific one month research award for artists who have never spent time in a science laboratory before. It is the sister strand of CERN’s flagship artists residency programme, COLLIDE.

Every year, the ministries or foundations from two different countries fund two different artistic domains to participate in the ACCELERATE research awards. The awards are made after an open call in the country funding the award, judged by a jury. The winners will receive a stipend of 5000 CHF for their one-month research visit to CERN, and there is a limited budget to cover accommodation, subsistence and travel costs. The funders also cover the administration costs of the project at CERN.

A jury comprising the funders of the programme and representatives from CERN judges the awards.



ACCELERATE Austria (Architecture), funded by BUNDESKANZLERAMT ÖSTERREICH - Federal Chancellery

Sandra Manninger & Matias Del Campo 


Accelerate@CERN Taiwan (Digital Performance/Dance) funded by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan. 

Pei-Ying Lin (Digital Arts) & WenChi Su (Dancer/Choreographer)





Accelerate@CERN 2014: 

Accelerate@CERN Prohelvetia (interactive web art) funded by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia as part of their programme called Mobile In Touch with Digital Creation.

Nadezda Suvorova & Mario von Rickenbach.


Accelerate@CERN Onassis Cultural Center (visual arts) funded by the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece.

Nikos Papadopoulos