Funded by the Ministry of Culture for Taiwan.

Artists' update

The winners are Pei-Ying Lin (Digital Arts) & WenChi Su (Dancer/Choreographer). 

How does real movement interact with the digital world? What are the possibilities? And what would happen if you discovered the world of particle physics, which investigates the origins of mass, matter and the universe and it took your artistic work in dance and digital design to new creative dimensions?

Accelerate@CERN Taiwan is the first opportunity for two artists - a talented choreographer/dancer and digital artist/designer to work and research together  on the joint creation of a new dance project which engages with the digital realm and is inspired by the world of particle physics.

Particle physics looks at time, space and gravity – the fundamental elements of dance – and so CERN – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory - provides an inspirational place to create new dance as well as engage with all the possibilities which the internet and integrated computer technology offers.

By entering an open competition, CERN in partnership with the Cultural Centre of Taiwan, Paris, and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan offers the winners the chance to win a one month research stay at one of the most exciting science organisations in the world – CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) outside Geneva, Switzerland. As the birthplace of the World Wide Web, as well as the world’s largest machine, the 27km LHC (Large Hadron Collider) with which scientists investigate the origins of the universe, CERN is a highly regarded center for digital culture as well as cutting edge institution which researches the movement and properties of matter and gravity.

As one of the world’s leading research laboratories, CERN offers a perfect and stimulating environment to host and inspire the development and research of an outstanding new interactive dance project by a choreographer and digital programmer/artist from Taiwan working in partnership.

Chosen by an international jury, the laureate will spend a month at CERN and receive a grant of CHF 5'000 each, and there is a designated fund to cover the subsistence, lodging and all travel costs.

Pei & WenChi



The jury of Accelerate@CERN Taiwan, funded by the Ministry of Culture for Taiwan, made the award to a joint project from dancer WenChi Su and digital artist Pei-Ying Lin, for their unique combination of dance and physics principles, where language and spatial interaction would be used in extraordinary ways. “CERN is the dream place I always wanted to go to, except I never expected to be there as an artist rather than a physicist,” says Pei-Ying Lin.

Their Accelerate@CERN one month research begins in January 2016.

The jury for Accelerate@CERN Taiwan was Monica Bello, Head of Arts@CERN; Michael Doser, CERN Senior Physicist; Victoria Wang, Artistic & executive director at the National Taichung.

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