ACCELERATE Switzerland

Funded by Pro Helvetia.

As the cradle of the World Wide Web, CERN is an eminent center of the digital cultures. As such, it is a highly inspirational place for artists and designers who focus their work on digital media. To mark this technological and cultural revolution and the invention of the World Wide Web, Accelerate@CERN working with the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helevetia through its programme "Mobile. In Touch with Digital Creation", invited artists who were born or live in Switzerland to apply for a one month visit at CERN to research an idea which they wish to develop. The idea was to be an artistic or design project which can only exist on the web, which exploits and uses other platforms such as mobile phones or GPS, and which is inspired by the connectivity and data-sharing which the World Wide Web has led to.

The award was given to two 27-year-olds who applied as a pair – interactive designer Nadezda Suvorova who has recently completed her MA in Media Design at HEAD, Geneva, and the multi-award-winning Zurich-based game-designer Mario von Rickenbach.

Read the full press rellease here. Check out their tumblr and learn about their one month stay:

Photo: CERN Data Center

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