Accelerate Greece

Funded by The Onassis Cultural Center 2014.

As the cradle of the World Wide Web, CERN is an eminent center of the digital cultures. As such, it is a highly inspirational place for artists and designers. The Onassis Cultural Centre and CERN have collaborated on the organization of a one month award dedicated research visit at CERN. Onassis Cultural Centre intends to support Greek artists and designers who produce innovative art works.
The winning artist for Accelerate Greece is Nikos Papadopoulos. Born in 1970 and lives and works in Athens. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1998-2003). In 2010 he obtained a postgraduate degree in Fine arts from the same institution. He has had five solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions. Since 2000 he has been a member of the Filopappou group.
The jury for Accelerate Greece was Christos Carras, Executive Director of Onassis Cultural Centre; Marilena Karra Artistic Director of Visual Arts, Onassis Cultural Centre; Dr Bilge Dermikoz, Member of the CERN Cultural Board; Ariane Koek,  cultural specialist and former Head of Arts at CERN (2011-2015).


Nikos papadopoulos at CERN MediaLab, working on a piece.


Nikos Papadopoulos in ATLAS, during a visit in November 2014.

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Nikos Papadopoulos

Nikos Papadopoulos

As an artist, what is it like to be in such a big and complex scientific collaboration for a one month research? Nikos Papadopoulos, winner of Accelerate Greece, gives us a quick idea just before leaving after his month at CERN.

Accelerate Greece winning artist Nikos Papadopoulos from Arts at CERN on Vimeo.

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