Kerstin Ergenzinger Guest Artist visits CERN.

A Berlin-based artist, Kerstin Ergenzinger’s art revolves around notions of perception and the subliminal phenomena and processes, which strongly inform how we feel, act, and think. She designes subtle perceptual machines that record, register and make impulses perceivable in order to encourage a discussion about our experience of a shared world. Alongside her studio practice, she is frequently involved in collaborative and research projects. Since November 2016 she has been a fellow of the Berlin Center for Advanced Studies (BAS) at the University of the Arts Berlin, where she is working on a two-year project called “Rhythmic Textures“. Kerstin Ergenzinger is Honorary Mention of Collide International 2015/2016.

Guest Artists is a programme initiated in 2016 to invite artists with an extensive internationally recognised career to be introduced to CERN science for a short stay.


Photo by Sophia Bennet/CERN.


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